Sunday, September 5, 2010

Servile Sect - Eternal Mind

I first listened to this tape when I was on holiday, and I made sure that my mother wasn’t in the room.

Servile Sect is a cross-pollination of NYC and Humboldt County musical talent that is anything but accessible. It is recommended if you like: Godzilla breathing down your neck, six-minute-extended minor chords, sandpapered 12” vinyl on 45, or the amplified sounds of automobile transmission shops. Particularly notable on this acid-rinsed murky C28 are the lengthy free-grinding jams, mystical black metal ambiance, and the scratchy, throat-shredding vocals that suggest that Ricola probably made bank during the two weeks following the recording of this album.

80 copies are available on Senseless Empire. Not for the faint of heart.