Monday, April 23, 2012

Trapdoor Tapes Strikes Again

Oh snaps! Sorry for the delayed posts, but we're back! A few weeks ago we got a wonderful package in the mail from what is rapidly becoming our favorite Australian DIY label. Enclosed in this package were a pair of tapes: Vomir's Fucking Exit, and Amen--the debut release from Word of Life Church SS. 
Fucking Exit is full-on assault of kerosine rumbling and cthonic rage. Most of this short tape is a concentrated blast of harsh noise strong enough to burn phosphanes in the backs of your eyes. Put your face to the fire hydrant and take a sip of this one!

Amen is a staticy haunted-house romp with gauzy layers of guitars and the faintest vocals, apparently filtered through a stethoscope. I love the blustery eye-of-the storm aesthetic of this one, and the punctuating jagged blasts of power electronics and overdriven guitars hit all the right spots. This slowburning deep-sea lunker of a tape was another collaboration between Trapdoor Tapes and their friends at Magik Crowbar--caught off the Queensland coast and sundried for your listening pleasure. 
Both tapes are highly limited, and feature the coolest xerox cut 'n paste art imaginable... per Trapdoor Tapes usual. Check them out on their killer website and sneak a peek at their new jams on Soundcloud.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Filardo - Enter the Edit Suite

Picks up right where Brian Wilson’s Smile left off: sunny harmonizing vocals, painstakingly layered walls of sound and explosive creativity. Imaginative lyrics, big-time vocals and a varied palette of sounds—all of them top-notch and wholeheartedly unique. Some tracks are reminiscent of late 1960's Britpop, others are saturated with heavy Bossa Nova--but all of them work.

Check it out at Holy Page Records here