Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Local Winds - In the World of Ours...

This latest project by Scott Dickson's Local Winds is a delicate submersion into a perfect serene world. Romantic and divine with beautiful washes of synth and lush pop elements. Light, airy and unburdened by the soulless transformative principles of modernity. Comes on a beautiful lavender cassette or a 3" CD.

Tree Gathering
Small Towns

Alchemist Records

Hooker Vision Update

Shoutout to Hooker Vision for sending us some love all the way from Georgia! They just recently sent us their latest batch of tapes:

Afterlife/Thoughts on Air- split (HIV073)
The North Sea- Never Stop It (HIV074)
Dry Valleys- Aqua Aura (HIV075)

All are quite good and they started hitting our airwaves last week. Tune in to listen or make a request at (650) 723-9010