Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Noriegas - Crosby, Stills & Noise

Awww yeah, you know what time it is. KZSU’s in-house noise rockers / rotation messiahs, The Noriegas, are back at it again with their signature extended cavernous jams. Features an intergenerational lineup of ex-General Managers and Music Directors. Plenty of stretched-to-the max electronics, ringing wind instruments, pitting drums, and krautrock wanderings. Every once in a while, a huge gong will ring out to remind you you’re still on this planet.

Bacanal Intruder - Do While, If Else

Check out this nifty little tape we got in the mail from Other Electricities! They've sent us a bunch of great CDs in the past, but this is the first tape we've ever gotten, so we're double excited.

Bacanal Intruder is a Spanish folktronic musician who creates glitchy organic beats using physical instrumentation and programmed effects. Light and refreshing “toy-pop” landscapes to daydream too. I love it.