Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tidal/Holographic Arts - Split

England’s very own Tidal (who gobbled up spots #2 and #3 on the KZSU Cassettes 2010 countdown) teams up with Holographic Arts to bring us a new double-tape concept collaboration in which both artists deliver the goods on one side of a tape and then switch sides and remix each other's work on the other side.

It's an interesting move, and it really shines on this release--it seems that these artists are really compatible with each other. On one side we get
Tidal’s signature warm washes of fuzzed out bliss, and other the other Holographic Arts serves up gooey disorienting tendrils of sound that are just barely tethered down by subtle DnB lines. My favorite tracks are the remixes of course--two great looooooong star-studded tracks that fall somewhere in between the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men's basketball team and this on the Epic Scale. Which is to say that it rules, of course.

This is the 25th (has it really been that long?) release from the superb label Sweat Lodge Guru. This one is tearing up the KZSU charts as we speak.

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