Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yoshihiro Sawasaki - Ginjo Onsen

The fifth release from legendary Japanese tape wizards Ginjoha. (They schlepped us their entire discography all the way over the Pacific Ocean!) Yoshihiro Sawasaki is part of a new generation of Japanese ambient producers and he is the mentor of Ken Ishii (the composer for the 1998 Winter Olympics ceremonies), who recommended his first demo to R&S Records. This beautiful C30 has great astrological themes and chill, tranquil tones. Self-proclaimed "Nu Age music inspired by the Onsen of heaven."

Side A opens up with the sounds of slowly dripping water and thudding footsteps, then progresses into a warm wash of synthesizer with gentle electronic hissings that grow ever louder. The piece climaxes in gorgeous high-altitude harmony with a re-occurrence of the subtle water droplets. Side B gives us scattered airy downtempo over a rush of outer-space slithering electronica, as Sawasaki returns to the techno roots that first made him popular in 1993.

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