Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daughters of the Sun - Ancient of the Ancients

Daughters of the Sun is a Minnesota-based psychedelic project that headlined our very own KZSU Frühling Fest back in the Spring! And they put on a damn good show, believe me.They're known for their elaborate sophisticated sound which incorporates reverb-drenched guitars and vox, layered percussion, and amazing manipulated found-sound recordings. What, you say? Sounds like just about every other project making a tape these days? Well, stop being such a naysayer, you burnout yuppie. Give this one a listen and apologize to me later. Thanks to Moon Glyph Records for shooting us this tape, which contains some of their juiciest, lengthiest jams to date.

Side A: Starts with the gentle sound of running water. Wordly flutes and gently warbling synthesizer gradually enter the mix and blend in a warm lazy haze. 8 minutes in, the piece again gains some momentum with assorted percussion, buzzy Moog and a whirlwind of distorted guitars.

Side B: Begins with a jolting art-rock jam with crashing percussion, muffled vocals and wild keyboard. 5 minutes in it melts down into a dark drone piece and then abruptly transitions into a gentle landscape of keyboards and tinkling windchimes. This soft melody later transitions into a gentle ambient piece with lovely flutes and gently shimmering cosmic synthesizer.

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