Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Electric Rainbow - Come and Melt Your Face Off

The face melter strikes again! If that doesn't make sense to you, let me go ahead a redirect you a previous Red Electric Rainbow Release here.

Another gem from
Sacred Phrases, this tape is certainly a stand-out of 2011. While Red Electric Rainbow sticks to his usual arsenal of spacey vibes,strobe lights, and cracking open glowsticks to huff their innards--this release is markedly different in it's varied use of throbbing percussive lines. I could really get used to this new sound.

There are 4 jams on this tape,clocking in at just under half an hour, and the repeated flipping is satisfying in a strange sort of way. Side A features a well-composed 2-song title track suite and the flip B-side is home to the 15-minute "Mayan Forest" which is so massively epic that I believe I used it as the closing song of my radio show for three consecutive weeks. I was on the Sacred Phrases website the other day, and I noticed that although it's been limited to a scant 100 copies, this tape was still in print! Which means that less than 100 people have heard this. Which is absurd.

(Side Note: okay, so it's charting at the station, so at least other people are hearing it--but still, the fact that less than 100 people have the actual tape, boggles the mind--this one should have sold out in a heartbeat.)

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