Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dire Wolves - Jams and the Giant Peace

If you’re ready to cut your teeth on some gnarly jams, look no further than Dire Wolves’ new c36 release. (Stunned Records) The album’s title, “Jams and the Giant Peace,” is both a nod to the group’s playful side, as well as to the free-flowing nature of its never-ending sprawl. Born out of the bustling triangular tracts, arching bridges, and excellent professional baseball teams of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dire Wolves shows clear evidence of a lifetime of spent coloring outside the lines.

While their last few releases seem to have focused more on atmosphere and mood, “Jams and the Giant Peace” is a take-no-prisoners romp through a land of punished amps and cracked cymbals. It is a messy, never-ending heap of a tape, that clocks well into overtime as it showcases fearless jamming and ruthless chord bashing.

And best of all, the louder you play it, the better it gets.

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