Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radar Eyes: S/T

Whip up a few cuts in your gritty basement studio, route them through a string ‘tween two tin cans, and hope for the best. Loop some steady bouncy drumbeats and whip up a blistering cascade of guitar fuzz to form the perfect washed-out soundtrack to the Chicago garage rock scene.

Radar Eyes is a three-piece grizzly punk group hailing from Chi-Town who have just released their debut self-titled cassette on PlusTapes. This blistering six-song installment is an excellent showcase of their killer hooks and penetrating blanket layers of overdrive.

Radar Eyes is all about hard edges and spiky barbed wire: twin hard driving guitars, muffled bass, and squeaks of distortion tumble into a brutal wall of sound. A whirlwind of resonating riffs face off with lo-fi chanted lyrics. It’s a tape that is aggressive and spunky. A no-holds-barred rocker with smugly confident lyrics and frantic percussion.

Particularly notable is the intricate attention to texture and interplay, best demonstrated by the fancy footwork of their dueling guitars: one peppers the mix with plucky notes while the other provides epic crashing chords. It is a sweet harmonious relationship. Or, at least it’s as sweet as it gets on a thrasher like this.

Radar Eyes will be playing shows all across Chicago this summer. They just recently released a 7” single on HoZac Records.

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