Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pine Smoke Lodge - Songs for Sucking Spirit Darts

Pine Smoke Lodge is a legendary experimental drone project based out of Portland, Maine that consists of Matt McKeever and Hillary Dickerson. (Fun Fact: Matt also runs the excellent Existential Cloth cassette label). They have only been producing music under Pine Smoke Lodge for a few years, but they have already cranked out a good two dozen releases that have received much critical acclaim. Their latest album "Songs for Sucking Spirit Darts," consists of three vast sonic landscapes that are ominous and mysterious and evoke images of the dark winters of the far north.

It is a release that is altogether chilling and haunting, with deep resonating drumbeats, echoey breezes, distant chines and a faint light at the end of the tunnel. Huge black brushstrokes on an all-white canvas. 150 square feet of Franz Klein abstract expressionist isolation.
Frostbitten limbs and frozen lakes that eventually thaw in a renaissance of light and color. Perhaps dead men do tell stories?

This CDR was sent to us courtesy of House of Alchemy and begins its run on the KZSU Experimental charts this Monday.

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