Friday, March 11, 2011

Full of Nothing

From Russia with love! Our friends from Full of Nothing Records recently shipped us a carepackage containing two mindbending cassettes that are good enough to skip school for. The first is ThrouRoof's cryptic "Tarots Session" --an epic freezeburn invoking images of labyrinths, hidden walkways, and an ever-nagging feeling that you're being watched. Black ambience, horcruxes, and nauseating washes of shoegaze bliss. Wonderful. As a bonus, the artwork consists of crisp transparent paper layered ontop of Tarot cards that were found in the bowels of a forgotten dumpster in Russia.

The second is
Billiam Wutler Yea's "Calico Desman," a self-proclaimed "therapy tape for soul anorexia." Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Comes with a great puffer fish j-card and a hand-painted clear cassette. Great things are brewing in Russia...

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