Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christopher Merritt - Crown Heights

Brooklyn-based experimental Christopher Merritt sent us a package of tapes a little while back—this one from Digitalis is perhaps the finest example of his intricate collagework.

While both sides are juicy gumbos of jaunting electronics and vibrant effects, Side A is more of a classic "ascension" piece, where a powerful photon torpedo barrage of synthesizer slowly rises from it's hibernation and pummels he very medium--blasting the EQ into the red, shooting for the stars.

Side B starts with crunchy blown-out beats in the extraterrestrial style of Clams Casino, (but orchestrated a few months earlier might I add...) and later transitions into blurry patchwork of gently plucked acoustic guitar, rainsticks, atypical percussion, the rush of water—all sorts of creatively blended recordings.

All in all, a fantastic release--surly an aural delight for anyone lucky enough to have snatched one of these up (although you might still be able to track a few copies down...)

For other great tapes by Christopher Merritt, I also highly recommend his excellent split with Reedbeds on Tranquility Tapes.

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