Monday, January 30, 2012

Paramita Recordings Update

Chicago, one of the great cassette tape hotspots of America, has recently given the world yet another killer label! Paramita Recordings, started their catalog off with three split tapes, and they were kind enough to send us a copy of each (which are all still available). Thanks guys!

P.S. Check out that crazy die-cut cover artwork! No 3-D glasses are optional.

Sparkling Wide Pressure/No Mind Meditation - Split

Longtime KZSU favorites No Mind Meditation remain as enigmatic as ever, keeping their cards close to their chests and leaving us all in the dark while they compose gooey alien sounds--brewing up another psychedelic trip strong enough to make you want to call in to work sick for at least the next few days. On the flip, Sparkling Wide Pressure also delivers with a buzzing set scruffy noise rock and kooky percussive instrumentation. I love the controlled anarchy of their jams, and the looped sounds of scattershot doorknocks are oddly lulling (plus they'll keep all the neighbors confused for hours...)

Black Eagle Child /Excavations - Split

Black Eagle Child doing what he does best on a core-of-the-sun red tape. What more could you ask for? Lonesome strummy guitar/banjo musings that are relaxing yet fully engaging. A nice return to nature, thumbing through a well worn copy of Leaves of Grass, breezy open chords, (and especially for us Californians) the romance of seasons.

Excavations holds things down on the flip, and while they're a band I'm not familiar with, they certainly don't disappoint--I seriously dig their looped grooves and frothy distorted vocals. If you're into Hobo Cubes, Food Pyramid, or the sunnier side of Debacle records, you'll cherish this one as well.

Soundings/Shapers/Verma - Split

A three-way split? Where do splits leave off and compilations begin? This cassette features 60 minutes of sludgy garage, splattered experimental, and gunky organic noise from three of the gnarliest psych rockers in Chicago. It's all good stuff--maybe not the most accessible, but I loved it--it would probably sound even better in a dingy club with terrible acoustics, slimy brick walls and utilities pipes snaking overhead and threatening to crush you at any moment. Recommended for those who have a few Hive Mind or Wolf Eyes recordings under their belts.

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