Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kenichi Sakamoto - Bio Feedback

We got this tape a little while back from Ginjoha, and although we liked it enough to immediately slap it on our year-end list, we never got around to reviewing it until recently. It packs a nice one-two punch with both sides clocking in at about 15 minutes, which makes it convenient for small commutes, or those short interludes where you can catch a quick break.

Per usual, the artwork is stunning--with a nice detached filmy quality. Kind of reminds me of those sick Nova videos we would watch in school, or going dumpster diving for yellowing chemistry textbooks after finals week at the local college.

Side A: Starts off with high-pitched hissy electronic beats that would drive your dog crazy. Later transitions (with the help of some heavy industrial equipment humming) into a clicky percussive loop. It’s all catchy in the strangest way possible. At the 10:30 mark, the piece breaks down into squeaky feedback/intergalactic transmissions.

Side B: Gentle, whispering intro. Slowly shifts into harsher vibes—deep resonating pulses and tangled knots of synthesizer. The last 5 minutes is probably the best of the entire tape—a pastiche kaleidoscope of bewitched string elements, broken clockwork, spooky vocals, and that scene from Toy Story where all the toys came back to life and crawled out of that gunk, and it scared you so badly that you peed your pants.

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