Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Amount - Opening Eye

Sci-fi Casio keyboard explorations from everybody's favorite "neo-neon" artist Christian Filardo, the man behind the brainmelting tape label Holy Page. These four tracks very well could have been A-sides for the soundtrack to a cartoon version of The Terminator or a Tracey Trance/Alex Barnett collaboration in disguise.

Clocking in at about 32 minutes, this is another great bite-sized album which moves quick, from the rumbly lo-fi of the creepy-crawly minor-chord intro to the conclusion: a
moody Vangelis, sci-fi romp through the Alpha Quadrant.

Mostly consisting of slow pulses of synth and drone, it also gets more peppy and psychedelic when it needs to. Undoubtedly inspired by fistfuls of those yellowing garage sale sci-fi books with those inexplicably kickass covers.

It was recently released on tape (and digital version) by his buddies Dwight and Liz. Check it out on the website of their label Crash Symbols.

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