Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buchikamashi – Dontoyare

With each new package that shows up in our mailbox, the artwork for these things just keeps getting better and better. Picking up where we left off (in the ornate 2xcassette boxed sets category) we have a new four-track two-cassette concept album produced by Mizuhiro, the Japanese ambient musician who runs the label Ginjoha. (He also produces music as Taiyoutou, Hi-Speed, and Animo Computer, so don't let the new name trip you up.)

The unifying theme that links these 2 hours of beautiful bliss-outs is dontoyare, or “living life without regrets.” According to the included documentation, this album supposedly channels the spirit of the dead Japanese actor Shintaro Katsu.

It’s worth playing for that alone.

In addition to the two tapes and the totally baller case, this set also comes with a fold-out brochure of a Japanese "Bewitching Girl" circa 1970. I put mine on my door for the Trick-or-Treaters.

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