Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pine Smoke Lodge - Season Above Lakes

New free-drone tape from the Portland (Maine) partners in crime Matt McKeever and Hillary Dickerson. Together these two run the label Existential Cloth, so if you dig Chapels, the North Sea, Archers by the Sea, Calypso Borealis, you’ll probably dig this as well. Great spooky stuff from the new Cae-Sur-A label in Rochester, NY.

Both sides are really solid. Opening with quiet intros, they quickly immerse listeners in a thick envelopment of jangly chimes, whispers in the wind, and deep resonating horns. Banking on the warm quality of analog tape, the cassette's hiss is just seasoning to the swirl of buzzy static and distorted slow-mo layers of bliss-out.

My apologies for not getting this added in time for Halloween.

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