Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grrrl Friend - Happening Now

DIY lo-fi shoegaze rockers with great vibes of youthful exuberance--the kind of stuff that makes you want to keep "one more try"-ing long after the sun has gone down and everybody else has gone home. Originally formed in New York, this trio recently moved to Portland where they have become a perfect fit for the DGAF pioneers of modern cassette tape “gnart:” Gnar Tapes n Shit. Equal parts spunky and punky, Grrrl Friend lists their main interests as “NY style pizza ∆∆∆” and “adding z's to the end of words.” You will probably dig this if you are a fan of lax open container laws, the big bowl at Burnside, turnstile hopping, white-out tags, or scribbling all over your sneakers and wearing them until they fall apart.

Available now at Gnar Tapes and also online on their bandcamp--now grip it and rip it.

NOTE: Gnar Tapes has been on a tear recently, and they've released several notible tapes by the likes of Young Prisms, Cool Angels and Jovontaes, as well as a stupefying 34-track compilation titled Gnarcotics Unanimous which you can get as a tape or from their bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis.

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