Monday, July 25, 2011

Brainworlds - •••••

Drifting-near-the-edge-of-a-blackhole-core. Deep Space Stellar Cartography for Dummies. This is the fifth release from Mason Brown’s project Brainworlds, and is probably his best to date. This album is another monster of a c60 (you know the drill) with the first side leaning more towards the experimental droney side of the spectrum, and the second being more of a bliss-out. Both sides have a heavy cosmic/outer-space aesthetic (as does the liner artwork), but it is a theme that is earnest and refined, and manages to break free of a simple-minded “dude, space is so big…” mold. Great stuff—one of the definite standouts from the recent batch released by Sonic Meditations Records.

SIDE A: Numbing. Swirly and ever-expanding with thick layers of drone like sirens slowly fading out of earshot. Cool tones rise and fall, and staticy breakers lap at the shores. This is probably what Galileo bumped when he wrote De Mundi Systemate.

SIDE B: 10,000 foot freefall. Tranquil and relaxing, and even dazzlingly at times. The piece opens up with soft gushing tones. Around 7 minutes in, a fluttering bassbeat stirs up the dust and adds life and intensity. Minute 13 ushers in a variety of icy chilling, jagged sonic tones—but nothing too dark or sinister. The last few minutes are excellent—scattershot distorted keyboard that echoes into the distant cosmos.

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