Friday, July 15, 2011

Voder Deth Squad - 1

Amorphous psych compositions recorded in a single take by a legendary combination of M. Geddes Gengras and Jeremy Kelly. A large, expansive work that evokes images of bleak futures with lots of rainfall, Ridley Scott movies, and cutting your eyelashes off so that you won't fall

Side A: Slowly undulating washes of drone with gentle drumbeats. Four minutes in the mood intensifies—dark and industrial, with a rusted metallic sheen. The liftoff is nine minutes in—staticy roaring jets, blood pounding in your ears, bass rumbles that you can feel in your chest. Molten tendrils of synthesizer close out the piece.

Side B: A lush odyssey into the unknown punctuated by sharp stabs of light, milky drone, and Phillip Glass debauchery. A tribute to forgotten satellites and lost probes.

111 pro-dubbed copies in existence. Another gem from Stunned Records.

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