Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Minerals - Contacteer

A star-studded project composed of Phil French, (the mastermind behind KZSU faves Stunned Records, and also a member of psyche freakout band Magic Lantern) and William Giacchi (who is also of Magic Lantern fame but also has a solo project Eureka and is a producer/technician for Silver Bullets). Their latest cassette “Contacteer,” a marvelous slab of tape spanning 48 minutes, is chock-full of rough organic sounds, loose freefalling percussion, and occasional acoustic guitar simmering in the brush. Amazing sonic textures from two of the leading minds in the experimental cassette underground. Highly recommended. Also great for scaring away trick-or-treaters.

This release consists of two mammoth tracks, fittingly titled: “Earth Acropolis Welcomes Panacea Home: Man the Rod, Woman the Measure and Metabolising All Their Poisons With Ease” and “Be Brave Children of the Monsoon and Rise Above the Deep Shield Like Buddah Burning Brightly On Mars.”

SIDE A: Deep and pulsating, a bit dubby. Later expands into an uphill march through swampy guitar, murky blended samples and muddy basslines. Getting butt-dialed by someone lost in a tropical rainforest. Spins off into the darkness with ominous twangy guitar samples. Brother, this is far out.

SIDE B: A growling haze of drone with ringing samples swimming in and out of the fog. Later morphs into a slow-burning crawl of guitars, alarm clocks, and metallic percussion. An aural delight lending insight into a beautiful state confusion. Surely a delight for the late night insomniacs.

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