Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Mind Meditation - Face Skull Spirit

Acoustic guitar-driven synth soundscapes sprinkled with a myriad of gentle tinkling textures—tape loops, xylophones, oil drums—you name it. Dense and smooth but almost poppy at times a la Monster Rally, Super Minerals or Silver Bullets. After releasing a free EP in May, No Mind Meditation has once again emerged from their cocoon--this time with a full-length album. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these self-proclaimed “duality release initiators” and their “dream state conduits.” Um...what?

Side A: A banger right from the very start, the first half leads off with muffled drone and 2001 Space Odyssey monolith groans and later extends into a hypnotic new-age self-guided tour of a dense sea of undulating waves and tones. A richly woven tapestry, that’s for sure.

Side B: Sweeping acoustic guitar with a deep midtempo bassbeat to keep the daydream moving at a steady pace. Crackling clouds of noise, flapping wings, insect chirps. Lots of tropical oil drums, and lightly cascading xylophone. The last 3 minutes politely dissolve into a whirlwind of drone.

A shout-out to the Chi and our friends at the excellent Goldtimers Tapes for hooking us up with this tape and a whole bunch more. Stay tuned for their upcoming drool-worth releases including a 2 x C55 No Mind Meditation box set, a Hobo Cubes tape, and a Sound Out Light/Christopher Merritt split.

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