Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sky Stadium - Palmae

The latest tape from East Coast dreamweaver Sky Stadium. This chipper orange cassette (the ninth released by the whippersnappers at Goldtimers) is notable for its heavy swollen riffs and deep undulating rhythms. This is seriously some cool stuff, with a variety of peaceful effects that separate it from his earlier material—great for layering or as a soundtrack to tranquil early morning hours. Most of these rubbery, low-durometer tracks are minimalist and lulling in their repetitive nature, but they are by no means simplistic or scattershot-random. Rather, they resonate strongly with the emotions, like those numbing out-of-body experiences of sheer realization: the serenity of a free-fall, the weightless exhalation of confusion during a bike crash, or extending a tentative hand over the edge of an abyssal oceanic drop-off.

Sky Stadium has been on a tear lately, putting out releases faster than I can keep up. So if you're a fan of this tape check out his recent jam on Sacred Phrases here or his Lava Church Records C20 here.

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