Friday, August 5, 2011

Trapdoor Tapes Update

Great things are brewing in the land down under. A big shout-out to Trapdoor Tapes for sending us a great carepackage of crunchy noise jams. Included were the following (pictured left-to-right):

Mshing / Sick Llama CS: Collaboration release between Trapdoor Tapes and their buddies at Magik Crowbar. Mshing's side is all skull-crushing abrasive washes of noise, while Sick Llama provides a bleak blizzard of drone to zone-out and lose yourself in. Sick Llama is the solo project of Heath Moerland, the operator of Fag Tapes, so if you're familiar with their catalogue then you will probably really dig this one as well.

Mshing / Psychward CS:

Another collabo with Magik Crowbar, this one is some serious scruffy noise. Staticy and demanding with raw blasts of corrosion. I had to play it loud to get into it and I left my door open because it was hot. I think I may have lost some friends...but it's all good.

NOTE TO READER: as soon as the tape was finished, the return to reality was...jarring.

Ded Stix - S/T:
Pleasantly-adorned CDr consisting of one nine-minute meltdown of spazzy guitar noodling, and the clanging sounds of your sanity bouncing around in the trunk of a car.

Armpit - Tron II: Ambling noise project made up of New Zealanders Clayton Noone and Sugar John. 10 tracks of boggy lo-fi rock, all nicely distorted, with refreshing blasts of harsh noise. A bit bluesy too! Varied stuff showcasing a diverse platter of stylistic influences (peep their respective Discogs pages to see their impressive resumes if you don't believe me).

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