Saturday, August 27, 2011

throuRoof - Feathers & Blood

Italian-based producer throuRoof takes his name from the flowing, transient sensation of drifting through the ceilings and into the realms of the imagination—leaving reality and slowly sublimating into the world of dreams. We enjoyed listening to his Tarot Session a few months back, so we already had high expectations when we opened up the package from Rochester-based imprint Cae-Sur-A.

Side A greets the listener with a warm embrace—gentle nascent hums of accordion and the chirps of birds muted by the sounds of swaying grasses and vibrato string melodies. Certainly not entirely synthetic--and not yet all the way foundsound/field recording, the track flirts with both and settles on a happy medium that manages to concentrate the best of the two worlds and blend them together in a hybridity of magical realism.

The title track, spanning the entirety of Side B, revolves around similar notions of nature, but seems to muse on the tangibility of mortality. How does physicality exist as a player in the greater continuum? How does existence depend on the fragile, delicate foundation of body? These questions remain unanswered, but resonate deeply throughout the golden buzzy writing of electronics.

Thanks to Cae-Sur-A for sending this tape our way. Be sure to also check out the music video for Side A’s “Birdism.”

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