Friday, August 19, 2011

Sky Stadium - Tile

New CD-R release from Jeff Roman’s excellent minimal project Sky Stadium. I first heard his tape The Lodge last year and have been hungry for more ever since. (NOTE: Although this blog is dedicated to the art of the cassette tape, I've been traveling for the past week and didn't have anything but digital music players to keep me company. Luckily, I checked the mail before I left and found this CD inside which was too good to not review. So sorry, but not really.)

Jeff took a short break from analog formats to hatch this lovely new disk with the help of the goofy guys at Animal Image Search. (Although he’s no stranger to digital formats as evidenced by his online label TealFX). This 7-track trip has some great stand-out moments all woven into its cozy, drifting swirls of synth, 4 AM profoundness and incredible feelings of contentedness. Loose scatterings of gemutlich envelopments and woozy tides of sound that promise the type of clarity that can only be achieved via expensive allergy medications.

A great, atmospheric release with plenty of moody, imiginitve themes: a colorful sunrise amplified by the chemicals in smoggy skies. Imagining you see the stars twinkling when it is a mere illusion caused by the random refraction of the turbulent atmosphere. Asymmetric gyrations, holocrystalline formations, and seeing right down to the bottom of a very clear pool. Optimistic yet a tad bit forlorn.

Thanks Jeff for sending this one our way!

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