Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Moons - Almanac of the Dead

For those of you who are just now joining us: I’d like to call to your attention the fact that cassettes are officially the coolest medium of all time. The prime example of course being “Almanac of the Dead,” one of the more recent releases from Minneapolis-based Psyop Recordings. Minnesota is a bloody cold state—some friends of mine attending the U of M delight in telling me stories of water freezing before it hits the ground, tongues freezing to poles, and the hundred-degree temperature differences that greet you when you leave the dorms to face the blizzard. This two-sided beauty is appropriately bundled up in what has got to be the most creative packaging we have ever received at KZSU. Yes, this two-sided beauty really does come in a sparkly-green hand-sewn pouch with a cardboard cover that has been lovingly stitched onto its stomach. Hell yeah!

The music on it totally rips too. 3 Moons is a psych/folk group based out of Kansas City that prominently features a custom-modified guitar which has been gutted and had more parts swapped in and out of it than your crusty neighbor’s '72 Lincoln. The result is a half-wood, half-metal Frankenstein that is played slide-style with a copper pipe which sounds like a rusted-out banjo. Add some tambourine and cotton-mouth vocals and bring to a slow simmer.

Most songs on this 37-minute chunk of tape are a bit on the gloomy side, but have that friendly lo-fi sound that only the best Mississippi Delta Blues can offer.

With one release officially out 3 Moons is already hungry for more. They are currently gearing up for a second release on Psypop which will be titled “CULTUROMANKOR,” and our best wishes go out to them as they begin an Midwest/East Coast tour tomorrow.

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