Saturday, April 2, 2011

Innercity / Cruise Family - H.E.A.D.

Cruise Family finally shares a slab of tape with with Innercity. I know, what a combo, right? These two masterminds of synth soundscapes battle it out on this latest release from SF Broadcasts. Both sides are indicative of childhoods spent watching too much Star Trek and staying up late reading The Martian Chronicles under the covers by flashlight.

SIDE A: Self-proclaimed “future life stimulations” that feature gentle chimes, spacey keyboards, and muffled distorted foundsound dialogue samples. Gently enigmatic. Innercity delivers the goods, but not with the same intensity as "Future Life" or "Visions of Dream State."

SIDE B: Frantic SOS messages from drifting satellites, lost in space and hoping to be saved by the re-re-reincarnation of Vangelis. A very solid 15 minutes--airy, light and sublime.

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