Sunday, April 17, 2011

Darkhorse -EP 1

The first release from Darkhorse, the ambient bedroom project of Adam Bosse. This five-song EP was self-released in the form of a limited edition CD-R with hand-painted collage covers designed by Dan Stairs. It was distributed through Time-Lag Records and Tomentosa, so you know to take this seriously. It’s definitely a good start, with a nice low-end pallete of sound, but some tracks are a bit subpar and seem rushed. Standouts include the deep sea anthem swirl of "13" and the Kid A schizophrenia of "The Clearing."

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  1. Just stumbled upon this.. never thought this material would be listened to, so thanks for giving it some time and giving it a listen! Was curious as to what tracks you found more lacking, and what may have felt rushed about them.. would like any further input and insight as I'm considering putting together another EP in this vein. Thanks!