Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cruise Family - Up To Us

Star Wars alternate universe lazer tag soundtracks to burn a hole in your brain. This cassette was sent to us by Stefan Kushima, who runs the label SF Broadcasts, and who is the man behind the projects Bobby Lazar, Cruise Family, Easy Rider, Lars Leerk├Ârper, and about a bazillion others. Despite his incredibly prolific output, all of his releases are great, and this is one of his best. The project Cruise Family is the flagship of the SF Broadcasts label and its electro synth space vibes stay true to the label’s dayglo sci-fi aesthetic. The future looks neon indeed. Both sides are highly recommended.

SIDE A: Electromagnetic pulses and futuristic club music. The first ten minutes consist of sunny splatters of bright keyboard and then the last five minutes melts into the greatest rave ever thrown inside of a Borg cube. Such a trip.

SIDE B: A free-fall of lovely synth cascades into a tour of a dark subterranean Martian colony and then dissolves into an amazing 80’s sci-fi drum n’ bass jam.

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