Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Claw - Midnight Murder

Badass nostalgic electronic jams with some interesting sci-fi elements and 8-bit samples. The band describes it as “the soundtrack to a dystopian children’s book published in 1981.” The tracks are definitely a little left-field but you could still dance to them if you tried. It sounds a bit similar to ROTFLOL, Family Cruise, or Flying Lotus, if he played more video games than he already does.

I can't stop listening to this one--half of the tracks are really catchy dancefloor grooves and the other half sound like amplified Starship Enterprise computer malfunctions. What a trip!

A big thank-you goes out to Orange Milk Records for sending this tape to us. They're a relatively new label, but they've already been getting busy putting out tapes from an all-star lineup that includes Hobo Cubes and thisquietarmy.

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